Love Playing Online Gaming? Tips and Tricks for the best Broadband Performance

Do you want a streaming career for yourself, competing against friends, or maybe just looking to enhance your gaming skills to accomplish this your gaming broadband needs to be resilient, reliable, and Fast. However, with the profusion of ISP to choose from, it takes a little brainstorming to figure out which one is best for you.

We’ll go through the key features and specs that you should look for when you’re on the hunt for a new internet service provider in Patna.

1. Speed up your broadband

Speed is not the only vital factor when choosing broadband for gaming, but it also has some clear advantages. You won’t have to wait long when you download games and a fast speed means you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming action – Jasnet Fiber has an average speed of 67mbps.

Your home broadband connection gets shared with other users too, so if someone else is streaming a TV show on Netflix and Playing Xbox Live, your gaming performance can reduce. Faster broadband provides you and your family a perfect platform to do whatever they want at the same time and it won’t even affect your gaming.

2. Each second counts: look for low latency

The delay between activating a command can be understood as Latency – such as pressing the trigger – and your command is being executed. When it comes to online gaming lower latency is better – in a fast-paced shooter game like Call of Duty it can be the difference between gaining a kill or being killed.

3. Be Limitless

You do not have to buy a physical disc anymore if you want to try a new game. All you need to do is to pay the subscription charge and download as many games as you want with the services like Xbox Game Pass.

However, games can have large file sizes – 26GB of Sunset Overdrive and Red dead Redemption 2 of 88GB on the Microsoft Store are just some of the examples of huge game files. You need to be careful if you don’t want to cross your monthly usage allowance and incur extra charges.

4. Sharing Your game? Look for faster Speed.

If you use a program like Twitch, which lets you stream your own gameplay for other people to watch, you’ll need fast upload speeds. Our Superfast Fibre Unlimited has upload speeds of 9Mbps and Superfast 2 Unlimited has even faster uploads of 18Mbps.

If you’re using software like Twitch that allows you to broadcast your own games for others to enjoy, you’ll need rapid upload speeds. Jasnet Fibre Unlimited has 9Mbps upload rates.

5. Enjoy the Best Wi-Fi Experience

Although a wired solution offers you the most secure link, it relies on a cable that runs from your console to your hub. Wi-Fi allows you the freedom to play games around the house, but a patchy wi-fi link can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the game-no one wants to interrupt a live Fortnite stream as you get close to a Battle Royale.

Your router’s position will affect your wi-fi signal power, so try to pick the best possible spot, using the following rules as a guide:

  1. Station your router in a central location within your house, walls can reduce wi-fi signal strength.
  2. Don’t put your router in a cupboard.
  3. Move your hub away from the window or some signal goes out.
  4. Your television and router shouldn’t be close, as metal objects can reflect and scatter the signal.
  5. Signals can be absorbed by fish tanks so keep your hub away.

If you suffer from blackspots with wi-fi, our latest PLANS will be of benefit. Available for new Jasnet Ultrafast Fibre broadband customers and BT Plus customers, Complete Wi-Fi provides wall-to-wall coverage around your home and is backed by a guarantee you won’t get from any other broadband provider – a guarantee of a strong wi-fi signal in every room. Clever new Wi-Fi Disks extend the Smart Hub’s next-generation signal to every corner of the home no matter what size and shape it is.

6. Upgrade your kit

If you have an older router, the upgrade may be worthwhile. Jasnet Smart Hub is the most strong wi-fi hub in Patna so you’ll be able to enjoy a good wi-fi signal heading further around the home.

If you have Full Wi-Fi or Ultrafast Plus you can get our Smart Hub next generation. It is still our smartest hub and is future-proof to offer high speeds around the house.

How critical is the speed for online gaming?

It’s quick to get into the pit of believing speed is the most important consideration when selecting the right online gaming broadband. But this is not necessarily accurate as online gaming requires very little data on a regular basis – except in streaming services.

The minimum download speed for online gaming is commonly accepted to be 1Mbps – a speed that you would be hard-pressed to not meet with most regular providers.

Although such speed does not offer the optimal gaming experience, it is clear that the quickest download speed is not the main factor to consider when selecting broadband for gaming. Consider factors like reliability, customer service, and minimal downtime, instead.

What are ping and latency and how do they affect broadband for gaming?

When it comes to the internet any keen online gamer can confirm the importance of ping rates and latency. latency is the time duration which data takes to move from your device to the server – In simple terms, the reaction speed of your internet connection. Ping rate is the way in which latency is measured, in milliseconds. If the ping rates are low, latency will also go down. This is what allows you smoother gameplay. If your Ping rates are more than 150ms, the quality of your gameplay can be seriously affected, It indicates that these are the speeds you should be considering – not your overall connection speed. usually, a ping rate below 20ms is ideal.

While ping and latency come into play with factors other than your broadband provider, it’s worth considering when looking for a new ISP. If they advertise low ping rates and latency, they would certainly recognize an online gamer’s needs and will have their network set up accordingly.

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